Sandra Crivellaro

Sandra Crivellaro

Sandra Crivellaro is a brazilian designer with a background in architecture from FAU (University of São Paulo), Brazil, fashion designer from IESB, Brasilia, Brazil and MA in graphic design at IED Milan, Italy.

After her studies, she worked for 10 years as graphic designer and art director of major magazines in Brazil such as “Playboy” and “Veja”. In 2014 she began to travel the world and founded his own itinerant pattern design studio. It has been in Santiago, Chile and now is based in Madrid, Spain, creating designs for patterns for the fashion and decoration industries. He worked for clients such as Renner, Scarf-me, Santa Constância, Dalutex, BRF and Adriana Degreas.

Her designs are unique, developed entirely by hand and digitally finalized. She is very influenced by the fauna and flora of Brazil and since she has lived in many places, her inspirations have also received many influences. She wants to bring to the world the beauty and colors of Brazilian nature in the form of prints.