This is Texitura,
you’ll be surprised

There are just 50 copies on this book in the whole world. There will never be more. The new Texitura concept is here to shake the original print market.


110 original designs await you

These designs are based on the last trends, divided in 10 mini-trends, with 10 mini color palettes, and are the result of a hard selection among more than 1000 prints created exclusively for this issue by great pattern designers of all nationalities.

Beautiful and absolutely vector designs.

Each book comes with a unique CD enclosing the 110 vector files corresponding to all the published designs. You may use them as you wish.

How does it work?

The design that you will find inside this book have been created expressly for it, and are based on a set of beautiful trends developed by our team.  Once you buy one of the 50 copies that are on the market, you are granted unlimited access and use of all the designs. You can find the files in vector format in the CD inside the book, and you can alter each design as you wish, or use only parts of them. We guarantee that these designs will not be sold on any online or offline platform, so their exclusivity is granted.

Each Texitura is a work of art

Is Texitura really different?

A new concept in the market

Designs in the catalog are exclusive and original and will not be published anywhere else. You can only see them if you buy the catalog.

Original and professional designs

Designs inside the Texitura catalog have been developed just for us, starting from scratch and following a set of trends given by the Texitura team.

Real designers

Pattern designers publishing in Texitura have gone through a lot of selections: we expect them to comply with a set of rules that identify them as pattern designers and once we get their designs they go into a 3-step selection that guarantees that you get only the best.

Unlimited use

Proof of purchase on one catalog gives you the right to use the designs published in it for all kinds of ends. You can use them as they are or change them as you wish, since you will have access to the digital files.

Quality vector repeats

Each one of the Texitura designs is a perfect vector repeat, so it can be modified up to the last dot without any quality loss.

An exclusive numbered collection

Catalogs are numbered from 1 to 50 and contain a unique CD with all the vector designs found in the book.

Good for the designer

Each time a catalog is sold, all benefits go directly to the designers appearing in it.

A personal relationship

Each design comes identified with its author’s name. If you want a more direct communication with any of the designers, you just need to get her contact from our Designers page.

A straight creative process

The Texitura team gets together month before the issue is due and thinks of a great theme for all the designs to gravitate about. 10 mini-trends, along with their 10 mini color palettes with 6 Pantone colors each are developed. All this get reunited into a pdf book that will serve as a guide and inspiration for designers.

The Texitura designers get a calling out, there are more than 200 active Pattern designers in the Texitura family, they are located all over the world, and the family gets bigger every month. In order to be a Texitura designer, you must be active in the pattern market, and be very good at creating vector repeats.

After a given time, Texitura receives all the designs and they enter a 3-step selection in order for the best of them to be published. We normally receive more than 1000 valid designs and only around 100 are selected.

Are you a pattern designer and want to join the Texitura family?

Fill up the contact form and we will evaluate your work.

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Texitura is a digital business, our collaborators are located all around the world.

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