ADRIANA BERNARDINO Texitura designer


fashion and pattern designer

Adriana is a fashion designer with a BA from the College of Santa Marcelina Sao Paulo (Brazil), specialization in textile design and illustration, and a MA in Fashion Creative Management from FAAP (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado.)

After her studies, she founded her own pattern design studio, Abelha, its concept revolving around the "soul" of each collection, creating products that connect emotionally with customers. Under this name, she has worked for clients such as Hering, C & A, Iódice, Carmim, Forum, Fashion Up or the sandals brand Ipanema. 

Adriana reveals to have found her way between fashion and design, and claims to be aware of the distinction between one and the other being about details, which are precisely what guides her life, "colors, flowers and love."

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Estudio 358 Texitura designer

Estudio 358

textile design studio

Estudio 358 is a Textile Design studio based in Buenos Aires / Argentina, conformed by a very expert team of designers with over 20 years in the field, creating designs for the fashion and décor industries. Our designs are developed manually and digitally, and this combination allows us to create original pieces. Our seal is the combination of art and technical experience.

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estudio integral textil

EIT is a Argentina-based textile design studio. Behind it, Silvia Perez Vidal and Denise Delfosse, two designers and textile technicians formed at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and the Asociación de Químicos y Coloristas Textiles, respectively. They both enjoy drawing, illustrating, and developing prints in general. They are together since 2011, working from their Buenos Aires studio, developing creative proposals for outside clients and creating their own pattern collection. Since 2016 they also sell and develop textiles for jeans and linings.

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GUKUUKI Texitura designer



Gloria Urech is one of ‘Spain's most colourful bespoke print designers’ and the head behind
Gukuuki, a highly creative agency based in UK offering and designing high quality content for
sites, clients and services.
Influenced by different cultures and art techniques, "GUKUUKI" Gloria Urech´s prints are “A
feast of Colour". GUKUUKI is the nickname of GU (Gloria Urech) KUUKI, the atmosphere
around her, inspired by her passion for Japanese culture.

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HANNA INAIÁH Texitura designer


hanna inaiáh

Hanna Inaiáh is a designer with a BA in fashion design from the college of Veiga de Almeida Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Masters in surface design from Senai Cetiqt, the Technology Center of the Chemical and Textile Industry in Brazil. After years working with product development in the textile industry and illustration in her spare time she founded her own pattern design studio. She has worked since as a freelance creating patterns and branding concept to her clients. Her inspirations come from nature, architecture, art and vintage styles. She believes in her sensitivity to be ahead and innovate.

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HOLYMOLY WORKS Texitura designer


pattern design studio

Hollymoly.works es un estudio de diseño especializado en el desarrollo de pattern design.

Detrás del nombre de Holymoly.works está  Eva Ayuso, licenciada en Diseño por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Eva ha trabajado para diversas firmas textiles en la creación de colecciones de moda y complementos. Tras más de quince años de experiencia como Diseñadora y Directora Creativa, decidió especializarse y volcar toda su energía en su verdadera pasión, la creación de patterns. Desde entonces trabaja como freelance en su estudio en Madrid, desarrollando sus propias colecciones para Holymoly.works, así como colaborando con otras firmas.


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Isabel Martínez Sierra Texitura designer

Isabel Martínez Sierra

isabel martínez sierra

After studying graphic design at Escuela de Arte de Oviedo and working as a graphic designer for 5 years, I felt the need to create more artistic designs and this led me to the Pattern world. I enjoy designing prints because it combines the purely artistic side of hand-drawn color and the order of mind that is necessary to take that more unconscious part to the harmony of digital composition and finishing. I love combining techniques such as crayons, ink or watercolor. My designs are very influenced by oil painting and lots of contrast and saturation will be found, but there is room also for some chromatic minimalism in designs more focused on form and line. I draw inspiration from nature and music, films and art, all that makes my mind travel, when my body isn’t travelling, since that is one other of my passions. I have lived in many places and my creations are sometimes inspired by this too. At this moment I combine my job as a freelance graphic designer with designing prints for fashion.

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JERE BROOKS Texitura designer


pattern designer


Jere Brooks is a Canadian surface pattern designer with a love of bold colour and a passion for digital and generative design.


Her process incorporates coded geometric and organic shapes with hand drawn and painted motifs. The resulting prints are suited to home decor, fashion, and accessory product surfaces.

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JIMENA PALACIOS Texitura designer


pattern designer

Jimena is a textile designer and illustrator. She has a BA from UBA, and studied arts, artistic painting, and engraving at Facultad de Bellas Artes de La Plata, having also participated in workshops by great Argentinian artists. She studied a MA on Sociology of Designs at UBA. Starting in 2007, she worked as a freelance textile designer. She worked for many known and also some independent brands. She has shown her work individually and also in group shows about painting and textiles. She teaches design at UBA, facultad de Palermo, Museo Histórico Sarmiento and prívate studies.

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KARINA EDDE Texitura designer


karina edde


My name is Karina, I'm a brazilian surface designer currently living in Rio de Janeiro.


I have a BA in Graphic Design and another one in Fashion Design but I found my true passion when I put them both together and started working with print/pattern design as a freelancer through my home studio LuvPrintz. I've worked mainly for fashion brazilian brands and in 2015 I moved for one year to Madrid to attend classes at the Master of Textile and Surfaces Design in Istituto Europeo di Design.
That was an amazing opportunitie to be in touch with the most basic, hand made, non digital part of my work. Thanks to that experience I'm now back home with renewed energy to work on my projects and invest, more and more, in my own style as a designer.

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pattern design studio

Manitoba Pattern Design is an Argentine surface design studio with more than 10 years of experience on the market. 

It is run by designers and plastic artists Cecilia García Lanús and Josefina Eyheremend, whose philosophy of work is to believe in something before being able to make it real. 

Manitoba Pattern Design is specialized in the creation of prints and collections for a wide range of industries such as fashion and home design, among others. 

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MARÍA CALZADILLA Texitura designer


fine artist and pattern designer

Maria Calzadilla studied Fine Arts in Complutense University of Madrid, specializing in Engraving and Printing Technologies. Later she studied Illustration and Graphic Design, being these fields where she has worked during the last years. 

She has taken part in several collective exhibitions, in cities like Madrid, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Tallin, London, Almeria, La Palma and Coruña. Currently she is focused on pattern design.

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MARIA GUIJA Texitura designer


pattern designer

My name is María, a passionate and experienced London based print designer specialising in decoration, greeting cards and illustration. I love cycling, nature and travelling. I have worked as a graphic designer in different companies related to culture and education, and as a freelance for some clients too (mainly in Spain).

I also have founded my own brand, Kaotiña, where i make prints and illustrations for pottery and other surfaces. What i really would like the most is focalise my work in children´s products, illustration and stationary.

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MERCEDES CORTÉS Texitura designer


fashion and pattern designer

Mercedes is a fashion designer since 1994. Her work is centered in the children fashion sector, and she has worked for big companies such as Mayoral or Neck & Neck.

She has studied different courses of illustration and pattern design, specializing in fashion illustration and pattern design.

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NEELAM KAUR Texitura designer


pattern designer

A designer who loves patterns and illustrations for Kids- Apparel, Quilting and Stationary Line. I have worked across varied commercial markets such as Paper/Stationary, Greeting Cards.

As a child I had been passionate about designs and graduated with Home Science. I was a Textile Design Lab Member - Pattern Observer, 2015 where I explored creating Ultimate Repeat Patterns (Ultimate Guide to Repeat) and creating Sellable Sketch under the guidance of Team Pattern Observer. I completed Kids Trend (16/17) Workshop by Design Garden Classes, 2016. I love bright colors and fun prints that communicate some sort of story. I like to combine hand drawn line work with clean vector graphics

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NINOLA DESIGN Texitura designer


pattern design studio

Ninola es una estudio de diseño textil en el que creamos ilustraciones y estampados hechos a mano, para que las cosas cotidianas sean más bonitas. Nos transmitir alegría y felicidad a través de lo que creamos, de forma libre y creativa, y sin prejuicios, buscando nuevas formas de expresión, lo que todavía no existe, lo inesperado y sorprendente, algo divertido y entusiasta, que te atrape por sus colores y optimismo.

La paciencia, la atención, la reflexión, el amor por el detalle y la experiencia también están presentes en todo lo que hacemos, también la artesanía, lo hecho a mano, las tradiciones textiles, que nos sirven de inspiración e interpretamos con nuestro estilo. Nos gusta crear estampados jugando y experimentando con texturas y colores, dejando que nuestra imaginación vuele y nuestras manos también, como los ríos de acuarelas y tintas, nuestros diseños más característicos, imperfectos y pictóricos, por el elemento inherente de suerte y sorpresa que hace que cada obra sea irrepetible, de manera espontánea... donde los colores fluyen.


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NURIA NAVARRO Texitura designer


pattern designer

Nuria Navarro received a B.A. in Bellas Artes for Murcia University. Then she moved to Barcelona where completed her Master of Illustration from Bau Design School. At Barcelona she collaborating with a few exposition and publications.

A few years ago she moved to Madrid, where she did a Master degree in textile and surface design from IED. When she finished her studies working for Pull&Bear. Currently working for Circular Señora, combining her work in Inditex with your personal project, the silk scarfs design.


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ORSIKISS Texitura designer



I’m a pattern designer graduated with MA at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest). I’m also a teacher of design and visual arts. After my studies, I had the opportunity to work in France and design collections for digital printing. I have experience in both fashion and home textiles.

My works were exchibited at Heimtextil Frankfurt I could be inspired by many things: nature, travelling, people or even little things around me. My favourite techique is watecolor or ink because I have a passion for colour and hand-drawing. I’m a freelancer and I’m constantly looking for collaborations and exciting projects related to print and pattern.


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PUPAPOP Texitura designer


pattern designer

With more than 10 years of experience working as a graphic designer and art director, Pupapop revived his passion for creativity when she decided to specialize in Pattern Design.

Her style is versatile and original. Her refreshing line of design mixes the aesthetic of manual drawing with a powerful vectorial hand in floral, conversational, positional designs and organic and abstract textures. 

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RASHMI RAO Texitura designer


surface pattern designer | rr arts design

As a freelance Textile and Graphic Designer with a passion for color and illustration, Rashmi Rao designs patterns for the home décor, textiles, giftware and children’s market. Her designs are original, colorful and lively. She loves doing experimental art using different mediums and textures and often likes to mix hand drawn motifs with digital techniques. Nature, Indian heritage and the world of design are some key elements that influence her work. Today, her main focus is surface pattern design, designing wedding stationery & teaching art to children.

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susana fernández bucy

Susana F. Bucy is a textile and surface designer who has worked in the interior design sector, developing projects for luxury hotels and large institutions. Her designs reflect her passion for color, textiles, traveling and art history Texture, abstraction and dynamism are constant elements of her hand drawn prints and of her digital textile designs.

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SUSSE LINTON Texitura designer


pattern designer

Susse Linton is a designer based in the city of London. She creates surface patterns designs and illustrations that are applied to fashion fabrics,home ware and paper products,with the intention of adding fun to everyday objects and bringing happiness into the world. She loves to work in different media,including embroidery,painting and on the computer. Her inspiration comes from many everyday things,from travel to vintage graphics to colour.



Her mission is to add fun to your day. Susse’s work has been featured in several design blogs,magazines and books including Print and Pattern blog and book Geometrics. Uppercase magazine and The Uppercase Compendium of Craft and Creativity and Drawn by Crooks Press 2017

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